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  • For the serious carnivour

    Jess Pryles
  • The master of traditional craft BBQ

    Tuffy Stone
  • Rubs & Sauces can make the difference

    Malcom Reed

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  • Beef_Brisket_2[1].jpg
  • Beef ribs 1.png
    Beef Ribs
  • slow-cooker-pork-peach-barbecue-sauce-17
    Pork Shoulder & Pork Butt
  • Pork ribs 1.jpg
    Pork Ribs
    (all cuts)
  • Story pic correct size.jpg
    Whole Hog
  • glazedham.jpg
    Hams & more
  • Deer ribs.jpg
    Wild  Game
  • smoked-sausage_Traeger-Wood-Fired-Grills
    Homemade sausage (all)
  • smoked-whole-chicken-52803_295x260_b659e
    Chicken, Turkey & Poultry
  • WR_0116_Sweet_Smoked_Salmon_RE_HE.jpg
    Seafood (all)
  • veggies-head.jpg
    Veggies & sides
  • Burger 1.jpg
    Burgers & such

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