Stuffed Pork Loin was a staple in my child-hood home growing up so each year I smoke one with a little different stuffing - and this year that stuffing includes spiced apples, portabella mushrooms, chives, capers, red/yellow bell peppers, spinach and a splattering of feta cheese.  


The loin is purchased in 10 lb "rolls" and each roll is flattened, lightlly seasoned and rubbed with EVO, and then stuffed with the fresh herbs and vegetables above.  Once stuffed, it is rolled and tied and ready for the pit.  Smoked over fresh hickory, each roll is then briefly reverse-seared to seal in the flavors, then returned to the smoker for a light topping of cranberry chutney. 


Please order in 5 lb rolls - each roll will serve 10-12 people. 



Apple-spice stuffed Pork Loin topped with Cranberry Chutney


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