NOTE: The price above is PER RIB (bone-in) - minimium of three (3) ribs per order, please.  A full rack is seven (7) ribs and will provide 7 3/4" - 1" thick rib eye steaks each weighing in around 12-14 ounces, pre-cooked.  In other words, you are paying $13.89 for a 12-14 ounce, fresh-off-the-pit smoked rib eye steak which is a steal by all measures. 


Prime Rib roast is a tradition at many Christmas dinners so we could not let this year pass without doing it again.  Only this year, we have opted for fresh bone-in beef rib roasts also purchased fresh from a slaughterhouse in central Texas. 


These rib roasts speak for themselves. After trimming all excess surface fat and silver skin, we dry-brine each rack for 48 hours in a course sea-salt rub.  We then rinse, apply a rub consisting of fresh ground pink peppercorns complemented by a little "woo-woo" powder, oregano and a light dusting of our soon-to-be famous "dirty dust" which we use on all of our non-brisket beef proteins. 


Each rack is then slow-smoked with Post Oak - and we hit this cut with a fairly heavy dose of smoke - to an internal temperature of 120 degrees when we then reverse seare it to an internal temperature of 125-130 ..... that means the inside of the meat will be medium-rare and the closer one gets to the outer layer of beef the more "done" it will be.   No worries .... being slow-smoked then reversed seared ensures your rack will be moist, tender, and bursting with flavor. 


Please order BY THE RIB .... minimum order of three (3) ribs, please.   

Smoked Prime Rib Roast (bone-in - order "by the rib" (12-14 ounces each)

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  • In the quanity box above, you are selecting the total number of ribs you would like in your roast.  The minimum order is 3 per roast and up to 7.  If you desire more than 6, simply enter that quantity. 

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