IIn addition to whole Smoked Spatchcock Turkey, we also offer a leaner, "white meat" only option with a full, bone-in Smoked Turkey Breast. 


Each breast is wet-brined for 24-36 hours prior to smoking to both enhance moisture retention but also flavor. Each breast is also injected with our soon-to-be-famous herb injection in traditional Thanksgiving flair.


Thanksgiving Turkey Breast. Served the way it should be. We allow the flavor of the bird to speak for itself (and, of course, all that fresh hickory wood from right here in Texas!).




PLEASE ORDER BY THE POUND (minimum order 5lbs, please as smaller birds are very difficult to source this year). 


A maximum of 30 requests can be honored.

Smoked Turkey Breast (bone-in) - order by the pound

  • Re-heating your Turkey is easy, if necessary.


    • Pre-heat your oven to 200
    • Place your foil-wrapped pan and Ham in the oven (DO NOT UNWRAP THE FOILS).
    • Slowly heat for 5-8 minutes per pound.


    Once warm to desired serving temperature, unwrap the foils carefully as there will be flavorful juices in the bottom of the foil which are great for making gravy or drizzling over your Turkey.


    If you have any questions, email us @ info@bbq4vets.org.


    NOTE: You MUST also specify a delivery date in your cart of either:

    • Monday the 25th between 5pm and 6pm
    • Tuesday the 26th between 5pm and 6pm
    • Wednesday the 27th between 5pm and 6pm
    • Thanksgiving Day, the 28th, between 11am and 1pm.


    Before you check out you will be required to provide us your preferred delivery date. 


    Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for supporting our mission and our Veterans!!

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