If you've never had the pleasure of biting into a 2 lb smoked beef rib, you haven't lived yet.  When you do so, you may well put them at the top of your list when it comes to beef BBQ.  


Like our briskets, we puchase our beef ribs "by the plate" straight from a slaughterhouse in central Texas.  Our preparation is all about the beef rib itself - but like any good pitmaster we add our own bit a flair to the flavorings, which like our briskets, includes a 2nd layer of rub on top of the 1st that has been set for 24 hours.


The rack is then smoked low-n-slow over Post Oak for some 10 hours to an internal temperature of 205 degrees at which point the bone literally pulls off the meat leaving you with mouth-watering goodness!


Like our briskets, no sauce is needed (though many have taken a likening to our version of an Alabama white BBQ sauce which, although a bit of a rebel combo, truly brings out the beef flavor in the rib). 


Minimum order of one full rack, please, which is four (4) ribs which will serve up to 7 people. Yes, these ribs are VERY large ...... 1 lb or more after smoking. 


Due to prep and cook times, a total of fifteen (15) rack requests for Dino Ribs can only be accepted. 

Dinosaur Beef Ribs - approx. 2 lbs. each pre-smoked weight


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