Brisket the absolutely gold-standard when it comes to Texas BBQ and our brisket has always been in high demand - and pre-orders for 110 lbs confirms that! The last time we offered it 300 lbs were snatched up in 4 days.   And, be aware, not all brisket is created equal.  We use only USDA PRIME grade brisket purchased from a slaughterhouse in central Texas. 


Our brisket is both traditional but also progressive with a second layer of rub added immediately prior to smoke - and we smoke initially over Mesquite for 3 hours and then finish the smoke with Post Oak.   We don't foil our briskets either ..... we only use pink butcher paper wrap to preserve the bark.  We also provide you the entire "whole packer" with confidence know we don't need to hide behind either chopped or shredded presentations to cover for dry or rubbery textures. 


We also do NOT serve sauce, believing the natural flavors of the brisket should speak for itself along with the abundance of natural juices generated through a low-n-slow cooking process. 


Minimum order of seven (7) pounds, please.  


Due to prep and cook times, a total of fifteen (15) requests for whole packers can be accepted. 

Christmas 2019 "whole packer" brisket


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