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The primary mission of the Corporation is to:


Prepare and serve traditional craft BBQ each Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to Veteran’s at local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Halls, American Legion Posts, Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and those that are home-bound in their local communities 


Ancillary and complementary mission(s) of the Corporation include:

  • Promote the sense of community derived through volunteer efforts via local Chapters that fulfill the Corporation’s primary mission

  • Through education and edification provided in the fulfillment of the Corporation’s primary mission, preserve and promote the art of traditional craft BBQ prepared using age-proven techniques of cooking food low and slow over indirect heat using natural hardwoods as fuel


All efforts, actions, decisions, and expenditures of the Corporation shall be singularly in support of the Corporation’s primary mission and the primary mission is tantamount to all others.