FAQs about BBQ4Vets

  • BBQ4Vets is a charity. We will open a local BBQ4Vets Chapter in your community.  With the help of a local Chapter Captain, Chapter club members, Donors, Volunteers, and Sponsors we prepare and serve craft BBQ to deserving Veterans in your local community every Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.

    It's really very simple. And we make it fun and rewarding!

    What do you actually do?
  • Joining your local BBQ4Vets Chapter - or becoming a Chapter Captain/Owner is a life-style decision for you and your family.  You will expand your social circle, learn a new skill/hobby all while ​having fun.   You will also either establish your BBQ brand or promote your existing one. 

    You also believe as we do that we have a very real duty to serve those who have served and sacrificed for us.

    Being an active member of your local Chapter is a very rewarding experience. 

    Why should I support your mission ?
  • Your local BBQ4Vets BBQ Club holds monthly themed BBQ fundraising events and club members and volunteers, prepare, cook, deliver and serve the BBQ to Veterans at VFW & American Legion posts, VA Hospitals, Nursing Homes and those home-bound every Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. 

    How do you fulfill the mission?
  • Chapters are licensed extensions of our National office.   When you join BBQ4Vets, you become a member of your local Club Chapter.   It is not required you a join a Club Chapter.  You may just donate and support our mission. 

    Local Chapters/Clubs are the  "boots on the ground" to fulfill our mission.  We can't do it without you. 

    Tell me about Chapters
  • Everything. It is truly an "art" and skill you will use to enhance your life and lifestyle.


    Your local Chapter Captain/Owner, with help from National, Regional, District and celebrity Pitmasters, hold BBQ training classes that teach you all about the wonderful world of traditional craft BBQ! 

    What will I learn about BBQ?
  • Yes. Definitely. But you must be prepared to commit to fulfilling the mission and all the expectations and responsibilities that come with it.

    Once you make that commitment, you will be paid monthly when the commitment is fulfilled. 

    Can I make money as Chapter  owner? 
  • Minority owned business.png

    Absolutely!   Click the picture (left) for more information. 

    We look forward to working with you!

    Do you have incentives for minorities wishing to open a Chapter? 
  • Vet owned 1.jpg

    Yes, you can!  And we have special incentives to help you do so. 


    Click the picture (left) for more information.

    I am a Veteran.  Can I open a Chapter in my local community? 

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