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It’s Spring, 2016. In Texas that’s BBQ season – but then again it’s always BBQ season in Texas.

And, about 50 miles northwest of Houston in the small town of Montgomery (birthplace of the Lone Star Texas flag), a “BackYard Bubba” BBQ enthusiast was developing ideas about how to introduce the “Art of traditional craft BBQ™” to the masses.

After all, everyone loves BBQ, right? And as George Bernard Shaw so aptly stated, “There is no sincerer love than the love of BBQ”. So, why not take that passion to the masses?

Just prior to Memorial Day that year, that “BackYard Bubba” (and ultimately the founder of the 501.c.3 Charitable Organization BBQ4Vets), decided that instead of selfishly cooking craft BBQ for just himself and 100 friends and neighbors in his local neighborhood why not, on that important commemorative weekend, honor those who served and sacrificed for our country with a traditional craft BBQ meal meticulously prepped, then cooked low and slow over indirect heat using fresh natural hardwoods, and served in the spirit and style unique to the local BBQ cuisine?

It was on that Memorial Day, 2016, that the inaugural BBQ4Vets charitable event was held and “The duty to serve is now ours™” mantra rang true because the founder’s vision had become a reality. And, as they say, the rest is history.

The resulting primary mission of the Corporation is to prepare and serve traditional craft BBQ each Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to Veteran’s at local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Halls, American Legion Posts, Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals, Veterans that have been admitted to Nursing Homes, and Veterans who are home-bound in their respective local communities.

Ancillary and complementary mission(s) of the Corporation include:

· Promote the sense of community derived through volunteer efforts via Affiliates that fulfill the Corporation’s primary mission

· Through education and edification provided in the fulfillment of the Corporation’s primary mission, preserve and promote the art of traditional craft BBQ prepared using age-proven techniques of cooking food low and slow over indirect heat using natural hardwoods as fuel

On May 1, 2019 the IRS officially designated BBQ4Vets as a 501.c.3 charitable organization and Memorial Day, 2019 year will be the 7th semi-annual charitable event held.

Since that inaugural weekend in 2016, over 3,000 veterans have been served in Montgomery County, Texas alone – all supported by one neighborhood (the inaugural BBQ4Vets Chapter) in one small SE central Texas town. They accepted their duty to serve with humility but also with excitement and enthusiasm because their neighborhood immediately came together, united, in support of a cause that was shared, appreciated and respected.

Our duty to serve and belief in community therefore compels us to share our passion of traditional craft BBQ with the nearly 20 million veterans nationwide who have served and sacrificed on our behalf.

Please join us in heart-felt belief that The duty to serve is now ours™. We are confident you will find that duty both inspirational and rewarding. And you just might learn a thing or two about the Art of traditional craft BBQ in the process.

Your contribution is needed. The commitment of your time to prep, cook and/or serve Veterans in your community is also needed and also deeply appreciated by all.


Especially by those who have served and sacrificed for you..... our distinguished and deserving Veterans.

For more information contact Craig Dewitt Director of Fundraising

Your BBQ4Vets Founder