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Anthony is telling us that everyone, regardless of culture, loves BBQ.   And America’s love of BBQ is well documented:

  • 80% of U.S. adults BBQ or grill once every 7 days

  • 71% do so because they like the flavor

  • 54% do so for personal enjoyment

  • 42% do so to entertain family and friends

  • 61% of them BBQ or grill year around

  • 60% plan to buy a new grill or smoker in the next 12 months

But what is this “craft” BBQ all about? 


Miriam Webster tells us the word "craft" means:

“Skill in making things, especially with the hands”:

“An occupation or trade skill with the hands or as an artist”.

Ah ....... “or as an artist”.  Important and relevant words. 


Take a look at the picture gallery on this page.  Can you not literally "taste" the artistry with your eyes?


Remember, we eat with our eyes first. 








And, just what is “Barbecue”?  Many of us don’t know there is a very real difference in “barbecue” and “grilling”.  Simply – and very simply stated – below is the difference if you ask us.

                                 Barbecue:       Cooking (meat) low and slow

                                 Grilling:          Cooking (meat) hot and fast


To complicate matters, some say you can indeed BBQ meats "hot and fast", and, there are “grills” and there are “smokers” in countless designs and style, all touting the best methods to create that work of art those of us who love this “craft” are striving to achieve.   There are also a myriad of natural hardwoods indigenous to regions throughout the country  used for fuel and/or flavoring that, more than one might think, contribute in a major way to the “art” of craft BBQ.  And then there’s the various BBQ “preferences” in terms of rubs, sauces and hardwoods that not only vary by region of the country but in multiple ways within that region.

Long and short, BBQ is a continuum in motion – a continuum and journey to which there is no end because there is always something new to learn, discover, and explore.


Those of us involved with BBQ4Vets have a passion for BBQ, and as our story explains, it is this  passion that also motivates us to put skills/the art of traditional BBQ  to work and fulfill our duty to serve those who have served. 


As  a member of your local BBQ4Vets Chapter, you will have preferred access to the Nexus of BBQ on this website which will further edify and educate you not only the art of traditional craft BBQ but also on the history of BBQ, it’s roots, and why America’s passion for BBQ– of which our Veterans are an important part - ..... is an extremely rewarding experience. 

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